Tuesday, 9 October 2007

BRADFORD: Fine work undone by yobs

Fine work undone by yobs

There is an army of unsung heroes in our communities making life that little bit better for everyone. They are the carers, coaches, club secretaries and the like, volunteers who give up their time for others.

Sadly, just as these people go about their business, there are others - though thankfully a tiny minority - intent on ripping down whatever these stalwarts build up, moving us two steps backwards for every one forward and dragging our and their area into the mire.

The latest example of such wanton destruction is at Shipley Juniors FC's Hirst Lane ground. The club, which nurtures the talents of around 600 youngsters, no doubt keeping them fit, healthy and off the streets into the bargain, is now looking at a bill of at least £1,000 to replace new floodlights destroyed by vandals.

So set on destruction were these yobs, that they risked their lives by climbing 40ft in the pitch black. There is no glory in such deeds, and the perpetrators are lucky it is only their vandalism and not a serious accident or worse that is being reported, though that warning will no doubt fall on deaf ears. It is to be hoped, therefore, that a court appearance cannot be too far away, and that it, allied to the threat of stiffer penalties to follow, will shock them into better behaviour.

For the club, perhaps there is someone out there who can help with training facilities, as such a worthy organisation deserves a break, and not just from the yobs' attention.


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