Thursday, 30 August 2007

ARLESEY: Vandal spree hits village

Vandal spree hits village

POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a spate of vandalism in Arlesey.

Trouble started in the early hours of Saturday when three cars on a driveway in the High Street were damaged and fencing smashed.

On Tuesday night stones were thrown at the window of a house, also in the High Street. Police believe the trouble is being caused by young people who have been drinking getting off the last train from London to Arlesey at 1.30am.

"The problems always happen after the last train has stopped at Arlesey," said local beat officer Pc Steve Holbrook.

"The vandalism is always around the High Street area and we are now linking up with British Transport Police and monitoring the station late at night to try and catch those responsible for this latest spate of vandalism."

Damage to the three cars could be as high as £7,000 and was caused by someone who battered them with a child's bicycle.

The owner of the property said: "The damage is being caused by drunken yobs and police have got to act quickly to stamp the problem out."

Anyone with information about the incidents should contact Pc Holbrook on 01234 842513.

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