Thursday, 30 August 2007

HORNSEY/LONDON: Cops act as teen yobs run wild

Cops act as teen yobs run wild

POLICE are clamping down on a group of youths who residents say have urinated against their windows and thrown food at them, smoked pot and caused havoc.

Tenants in Ravensdale Mansions, Haringey Park, Crouch End, have been living with harassment from teenagers hanging out in stairwells, fire escapes, alleyways and communal areas since the start of the year

Following their complaints, local cops have got two teenage girls and a teenage boy to sign Acceptable Behaviour Contracts to try and curb their behaviour.

One resident, who insisted on remaining anonymous for fear of reprisals, said: "Everybody is complaining. We have had the police here so many times - we have never had any trouble like this before.

"They are out on the balcony throwing things at the window. There were six of them outside the front door eating, and throwing food and eggs at the windows.

"One of the girls came round here and caused lots and lots of trouble. She even beat another girl's mother up."

Worried residents, some of whom are elderly and frightened to confront the mixed-sex gang, say they have seen some of them urinating against their ground-floor windows, smoking pot and getting into arguments with other residents in the block.

One said: "It seems to have quietened down quite a lot in the last week. I don't know how long it will be for."

The youths have now pledged to clean up their behaviour - or face a court appearance and possibly an ASBO.

Their parents have also voluntarily agreed to take a firmer hand in their children's conduct.

Councillor David Winskill (Liberal Democrat), who represents Crouch End ward, said: "I am glad that that the police are doing this. Generally, Crouch End is lucky to have pretty well behaved kids who know how to have a good time while not harming others.

"As with most anti-social behaviour, it is a tiny minority who causes it."

He said he recently confronted a teenage girl who was jumping on a bench outside Hornsey Town Hall, shouting "I can't break this f***ing bench."

He said: "I had to go over and confront her. She was so intent on causing damage. I couldn't believe the abuse I got from her. It was quite intimidating.

"I fully support any initiatives which try to manage this problem, not just for the benefit of residents but also for the longer term future of the young people themselves.

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