Thursday, 30 August 2007

NORTH SHROPSHIRE: 'Old fashioned police work' catches female vandal

'Old fashioned police work' catches female vandal

Woman Cautioned as Result of Good Police Work in Wem

Police in Wem warned vandals that criminal damage would not be tolerated in the town after a woman was arrested for breaking a shop window. The move comes as the Inspector for North Shropshire praised the work of officers in catching the offender, who was given a criminal caution for her behaviour.
The incident was reported to police at about 9.45pm on Sunday, August 5th when a resident witnessed the window of a shop in High Street being damaged.

Officers attended and carried out a search, but the offender was not found. CCTV, when checked, was not clear enough to identify the person responsible and showed that they appeared unsteady on their feet.
But Constable Annie Hughes, of Wem Police, made enquiries at a nearby pub using a description of the offender given during the initial call - wearing a pink top and with brown "cheek-length" hair.
She was eventually give a possible name for someone matching the description and the woman was brought in for questioning, when she admitted the offence.

Following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, she was later given a criminal caution, which is recorded by police and will be used if any further offences are committed. The woman has no previous convictions and was under the influence of alcohol at time of the offence.
Constable Hughes today warned people in the town that damaging property would not be tolerated.
She said: "After getting a good description from the initial informant, we carried out extensive enquiries to identify who was responsible. Once we arrested and interviewed the woman, she admitted causing the damage.

"This should serve as a warning for anyone thinking about behaving in an anti-social manner."
Inspector Neil Spencer, who is in charge of the North Shropshire policing section, said the officers had worked hard to ensure the person responsible was caught.
"With CCTV proving to be of little help, some good old-fashioned policing came into play and as a result the offender was arrested," he said.

"Despite there being little to go on in the early stages of the investigation, Constable Hughes persisted and was eventually given a name. The offender was given a criminal caution, which will remain on her record and will be used if any offences are committed in future.

"This shows the dedication of the officers in improving the quality of life for the people of Wem. My officers will not tolerate such behaviour and continue to work hard to keep their communities safe."

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