Thursday, 30 August 2007

MIDLOTHIAN: Couple get an apology after noise ruling

Couple get an apology after noise ruling

A COUPLE claimed their repeated complaints about the antisocial behaviour of two neighbours fell on deaf ears at Midlothian Council.

The Scottish Public Services ombudsman has now partially upheld their claims that the council failed to deal with their case properly. The ombudsman ruled the council did take "appropriate action" in dealing with the complaints, made in 2004, but failed to document them properly.

The council was asked to apologise to the couple - known only as Mr and Mrs C - for failing to formalise their complaint into its feedback procedure.

It has also to ensure that all staff involved with similar complaints are adequately trained in current council procedure.

The ombudsman said: "I believe that the council have shown, overall, they did take appropriate action to deal with Mr and Mrs C's complaints.

"However, the council have not shown that the steps, which were taken, were documented in accordance with procedure or that they dealt with the complaints in compliance with the council's feedback procedure"

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