Thursday, 30 August 2007

ENNISKILLEN: Tenant made to quit after anti-social behaviour move

Tenant made to quit after anti-social behaviour move

The NI Housing Executive revealed that an Enniskillen woman had recently left her home following legal action taken against her by the Housing Executive because of continuing anti social behaviour.

The Executive declined to identify the housing estate in question, other than to say it was in Enniskillen, nor would they define the kind of anti-social behaviour the woman as engaged in.

"The tenant", a NIHE spokeswoman explained, "had engaged in persistent anti social behaviour which caused annoyance and nuisance to neighbours.

The court granted the Housing Executive an Order for possession and gave her four weeks to leave the property".

Michael Callaghan, the Housing Executive's manager for Fermanagh said the Housing Executive was committed to tackling anti social behaviour and would take action against a breach of tenancy conditions when necessary.

"Three properties", he reported, " have been repossessed following court action in the Fermanagh District since the Housing Executive was given increased powers to tackle anti social behaviour under the Housing (NI) Order 2003.

"In addition, eight tenants who had introductory tenancies have left their homes voluntarily after breaching tenancy conditions in relation to anti social behaviour".

Mr Callaghan added that the Housing Executive had also agreed eight Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs) with seven juveniles and one adult in the Fermanagh District who were partaking in anti social activities in their community.

The NIHE spokeswoman explained that an ABC was a voluntary agreement drawn up with the tenant or with the person in the household against whom a complaint(s) has gone in of anti-social behaviour.

"It is not an Anti Social Behaviour Order", she stressed. "It's a voluntary agreement. These ABC's have worked in some cases and, in some cases, they haven't, but it's another tool for us to tackle anti-social behaviour. At the end of the day, it's all about getting support from the community to get the evidence'.

She continued: "We are working closely with the Council and Police Service to tackle this issue in housing areas throughout Fermanagh.

The action taken by the Housing Executive will help to ensure that all our tenants have peaceful enjoyment of their homes and a safer environment", he added.

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