Wednesday, 29 August 2007

READING: Clampdown on car park yobs

Clampdown on car park yobs

GROUPS of wheel spinning youths who upset neighbours by roaring around car parks and playing loud music are being warned that the police are set to drive them off.

Officers have obtained a dispersal order for Newbury's Greenham Road Retail Park to help tackle antisocial behaviour.

The order, which runs for six months and covers Burger King, Halfords and Staples, gives police powers to move on groups of two or more people.

Neibourhood Specialist Officer, PC Claire Berryman, said: "There has been an increasing problem in this area of people congregating with their cars.

"They cause disturbance by doing wheel spins and playing music loudly.

"This is obviously not very pleasant for the people that live and work in the area.

"With this dispersal order, we will be able to move these people on if they are deemed to be causing a problem.

"I would like to reassure people that these powers will only be used where necessary.

"Those who are out and about enjoying the area in a respectful and legal manner have nothing to worry about; police are not targeting law abiding residents with this order."

The groups will be advised their behaviour is unacceptable and ordered to disperse,either immediately or within a given time.

Those who live within the area covered by the order could be arrested if they don't comply.

And under 16s in the dispersal area after 9pm, irrespective of their behaviour or the number of people they are with, can be taken home.

The order is the sixth dispersal order secured for Newbury. The others are: Newbury Retail Park and Tesco car park area, Parkway, Victoria Park and the Wharf, Avon Way shops, Shaw Park, St Johns Gardens Park.

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