Saturday, 29 September 2007

CHESHUNT/Essex: BMX menace in shop rampage

BMX menace in shop rampage
A YOB who caused mayhem by riding a BMX bike into bottles of drink on display in a Cheshunt shop has posted a video of the incident on the internet.

In the video, posted on film-makers' website, he is seen outside the One Stop Shop in Cadmore Lane at night being egged-on by friends, urging him to "do it, do it now!". The boy then rides his BMX through the shop door and rides unsteadily before smashing into some neatly displayed bottles, and falling off the bicycle.

A startled shopkeeper then goes over to investigate the commotion and stands over the boy as he picks up the bottles.

But the incident was news to shop manager Gina Brydon. She told The Herald : "I don't know about this, as no one has told me and I don't work at night.

Riding around in the store
Riding around in the store
"We did used to have a problem a few years ago, with kids hanging around outside the chip shop nearby.

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