Tuesday, 18 September 2007

NORTH FINCHLEY: Car park crack-down on anti-social behaviour

Car park crack-down on anti-social behaviour

MEASURES to curb late night anti-social behaviour in a North Finchley Road are set to be introduced at a cost of up to £20,000.

Residents claim that Stanhope Road, off Tally Ho Corner, has become a regular meeting place for street drinkers, with gangs of youths gathering in its three car parks and noise often continuing until 1am on weekends.

Last Wednesday Barnet Council's environment sub-committee agreed a series of steps to tackle the problem including installing a new exit barrier, pruning overgrown foliage and improving lighting too dim to support CCTV cameras.

The committee wants to replace the perimeter fence of one of the car parks on the road to stop unauthorised access, and apply for accreditation under the Park Mark Safer Parking Award, a set of crime reduction standards set by the Association of Chief Police Officers.

The measures are subject to approval by the cabinet resources committee on October 31.

Anne Hutton, Labour councillor for Woodhouse, said: "We're delighted the committee agreed that something must be done. Now it's up to cabinet to come up with the cash. We'll be keeping up the pressure until the funding is in place and the security measures introduced."

Councillor Alan Schneiderman, also representing Woodhouse, said: "We'll also be pushing for Park Mark accreditation in all council-owned car parks - no one should have to put up with the sort of anti-social activity that Stanhope Road residents have."

The area has become notorious for dogging', according to some residents.

But council leader Mike Freer insisted this was "absolute rubbish". He said: "There's no evidence of people having sex in cars being watched by crowds of onlookers.

"With regard to the other issues, I've already said I will find the money to fund the improvements. But pushing for Park Mark accreditation in all car parks is not addressing the fundamental problem that in some parts of the borough we have symptoms of a broken society, and if we had more money from central government we would be able to do more."


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