Wednesday, 19 September 2007

MIDLOTHIAN: Police seize drinks

Police seize drinks

ALMOST 150 litres of booze were seized from youngsters by Midlothian police in a recent summer crackdown. In addition, 86 youths were referred to the Midlothian antisocial behaviour team during the multi-agency alcohol initiative.
Two off-sales premises, one public house and three invididuals were reported to the Procurator Fiscal in connection with offences under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 1968. Agencies involved in the initiative included the police, Midlothian Council, MYPAS and Y2K.

Inspector Alan Shand, of the Safer Communities Department at Dalkeith Police Station, said: "These results highlight a problem in our communities that can most certainly be linked to the consumption of alcohol by young people.

"Despite the resources that we, the police, and our partner agencies are putting into this aspect of our work, we are still experiencing significant problems with the antisocial behaviour of drink-fuelled juveniles across the county.

"These are not necessarily bad young people with any evil intent, but they are our own children, who could perhaps benefit from a little more attention from, and direction by, their own families as to what they might be doing when out and about in the evenings. That support could make a very big difference.

"All that said, I still consider this to have been a very successful campaign that was appreciated by large numbers of people, young and old, right across Midlothian, that brought together several of our local community support agencies, each with the common goal of trying to make everyone's life that little bit more comfortable and our communities that little bit safer."

Midlothian Drug and Alcohol Action Team (MDAAT) chairman Colin Anderson added: "As highlighted by Inspector Shand, this is a national problem and we must all be aware of the dangers and risks associated with the consumption of alcohol by young people.

"I would like to thank all the organisations and members of the public associated with the summer campaign. Although the campaign undoubtedly made an impact on the problem, Midlothian DAAT is well aware that we need to maintain our energies and focus on this area of work and will be bringing forward further initiatives."

Anyone concerned about youngsters drinking can contact the Connected Project at the Midlothian Young People's Advice Service (MYPAS) on 0131 454 0757.

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