Wednesday, 19 September 2007

DUNDEE: Dundee folk battle to beat street crime

Dundee folk battle to beat street crime

A group of residents “at their wits end” are planning to try to tackle anti-social behaviour

The neighbours in Buttar’s Place, Dundee, have endured months of turmoil caused by numerous crime and drug-related problems on the streets.

At least 20 people are to organise an evening in The Twa Semis centre in Charleston to discuss what action can be taken.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said, “Many feel we should stand up and take notice of this out-of-control situation.

“There are problems with crime, drugs and anti-social behaviour. We seem to be forgotten.

“Residents are trying to organise because we’re all suffering and feel the council isn’t doing everything it could.

“There are a lot of families in the area and nobody wants their kids living in this sort of environment.

“Many are living in fear and there are incidents on a daily basis. It is unfair that people should have to live like this.”

As a result of the anti-social problems in the area, the council installed CCTV in June.

The resident explained, “A camera was installed by the anti-social behaviour team but we’re still being told to phone them every time something happens.

“I don’t see why they have to rely on us when the camera is there.

“We are targeted when we phone the police or the council.”

The resident added the area remained “like crime central”.

“There is a constant noise from about 8.30 until after midnight and there are always police around.

“Even the police say they are sick and tired with this street but by the time they get here the troublemakers have run away.

“People have had cars vandalised, tyres slashed and been threatened by people with baseball bats.

“There are often bags of rubbish lying around too but we can’t move them as we’ve no idea what’s in them. There have been needles found.

“Some people have lived here for years and now they are too scared to go out.”

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