Wednesday, 19 September 2007

DUNDEE:Toddler’s narrow escape as thugs smash window

Toddler’s narrow escape as thugs smash window

Lisa with son John at the smashed window.

A two-year-old Dundee boy narrowly avoided being showered with shards of glass after thugs threw two stones through the living room window of his Dryburgh home today (writes Stefan Morkis). John Esson was playing with toys on the living room floor when the stones were hurled through the window.

His mother Lisa (36) was on the phone when she heard the sound of breaking glass and was terrified her son had been killed.

“Eighteen years ago my cousin went through a plate glass window and it was just a tiny sliver of glass that killed her,” said Lisa today.

“I was frightened to come into the living room because I didn’t know what I would see.

“Luckily John was just standing there. He is OK and I was able to put slippers on his feet so he wouldn’t hurt himself. I just don’t believe people sometimes.”

The force of the impact sent pieces of glass almost the whole length of the Essons’ living room and it was only by chance that John wasn’t hit by either glass or one of the stones.

The incident occurred just after 11am and is the latest in a long line of attacks on the family.

In July, their pup Simba was stolen and not recovered for two weeks. Since she was returned, several calls have also been made to the SSPCA reporting the Essons for ill-treatment of the seven-month old golden Labrador.

“The last time the SSPCA officer was out she said the calls were definitely malicious,” said Lisa.

“They’ve been out several times and never found anything wrong with her. People have said I leave her outside all day and don’t feed her — which is funny because of the amount of money we spend on dog food.”

A spokeswoman for the Scottish SPCA said the charity was being abused by anonymous callers making malicious calls about how Simba was being treated.

She said, “We will no longer go to that address after receiving anonymous calls. Whoever is making these calls are cowards.

“If they are sending us on a wild goose chase then they are wasting our resources and another animal could be being abused. We have been called out a few times and there has never been anything wrong with the dog.”

Tayside Police are investigating today’s incident.

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