Saturday, 15 September 2007

COVENTRY: Fear of yobs ruins plan for play area

Fear of yobs ruins plan for play area

FEARS of antisocial behaviour have prevented youngsters being provided with a new play area.

People living in the Millais Close area of Bedworth had been offered the chance to have a new facility on their doorstep.

But following a consultation, residents voted against the plans, because they feared problems with nuisance youths.

The play area had been intended for the under 12s to replace existing facilities at Millais Close.

In Coventry, people living close to Lake View Park in Coundon, objected to similar plans for a play area fearing antisocial behaviour.

And neighbours of Radford Common in Coventry, have reported being terrorised by yobs after a new £150,000 play area was built in their area.

Councillor Neil Phillips, who has special responsibility for culture and recreation at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, said: "It is not our policy to 'railroad' any policy through against the views of the residents concerned.

"The result was close, although in my view it is a shame that children in the area will have to go to another play area to sample the excellent new play facilities that we are installing across the borough.

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