Saturday, 1 September 2007

EVESHAM: 'Disgusting' yobs deface play area

'Disgusting' yobs deface play area

Laura Dean - disgusted

Laura Dean - disgusted

THE new children's playground on Davies Road, that has yet to officially open to the public, has been vandalised by yobs.

The climbing walls, several benches, the toddlers climbing frame and swings have all been crudely daubed in lewd words and pictures.

The facilities were installed at a cost of about £160,000 and were not due to open until next month.

So far some £1,000 has been spent repairing damage and clearing litter but this figure is expected to rise.

Parents who have taken their children to the park say they have been shocked and appalled by the disgusting words and phrases plastered all over the new equipment.

Laura Deen takes her two sons Thomas, four, and George, three, to the park once a week.

She said: "I think it's disgusting. This is so new and already it has been defaced.

"Other mums have commented on it to me as well. This park is such a great improvement on what was here before, and it's such a shame that this has happened."

In a letter to the Journal this week a resident, who asked not to be named, said: "I walk my dog there early in the morning and have found rubbish everywhere - milk bottles, crisp packets, beer cans and so on.

"What is the matter with the local youth and where are the Community Support Officers? I thought that the council had employed plenty of them, so where are they when you need them?"

Wychavon District Council is now planning to send youth teams to the park and has asked police to increase patrols.

6 Laura Deen, disgusted by the swear words scrawled all over the new children's play area on Davies Road. 35Aug07115c.jpg. picture by Linda Butler.

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