Saturday, 15 September 2007

Gordon Brown hits out at violent games

Gordon Brown hits out at violent games

PM vows to protect children from ‘harmful violence and sexual imagery’

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has jumped two-footed into the debate on violent video games – promising to review new rules for the advertising and sale of software to children.

According to the Daily Mirror, Brown said he was ‘aware of growing concern about the effect of screen violence on youngsters’, and that he was looking into drawing up new legislation for the promotion and sale of video games to minors.

The PM commented: "Parents are concerned about whether children are exposed to harmful violence and sexual imagery in games and on the internet."

He said the plans would be put to a new ‘Citizens' Jury’ this week – assistin g the Government to draw up proposals to ensure every youngster can grow up safe, secure and successful.

Brown said the proposal would "look at how we can empower people to work with police to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour".

The news comes after leader of the Opposition David Cameron last week launched an attack on the release of violent games.

Cameron later called for an appraisal on the age ratings and marketing of violent games in his ‘mini-manifesto’, entitled: ‘It’s Time to Fight Back’.

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