Friday, 14 September 2007

HALEBANK / Widnes: Help us stop yobs, plead residents

Help us stop yobs, plead residents

FED-UP Ditton residents are demanding action to clamp down on youth nuisance they claim is blighting their lives.

Residents on Blackburne Avenue, Halebank, have handed a petition to Halton Council pleading for the installation of security gates in order to stop youths loitering near their homes.

Yobs have allegedly been responsible for a string of anti-social incidents over the past year, including vandalism, alcohol and drug abuse.

Pensioner Flo Hurley, 76, who is fronting the campaign for the alleygates, said she has been shocked at the behaviour of nearby youths.

She said: Our back gardens face the playing fields and a lot of teenagers congregate there. A lot of them come from outside the area and create problems.

I find broken alcohol bottles and bongs which they have been using to take drugs.

She added: I feel very vulnerable because Im on my own here. Last week I looked out my window and was shocked to see a lad climbing over my fence.

Cllr Colin Rowan handed over the petition to planning chiefs after residents raised concerns.

He said: The houses also back onto the new play area and the nuisance mostly involves the alley near the side of the entrance to that play area.

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