Sunday, 9 September 2007

REDDITCH: Police ‘too soft’ on drunken yobs

Police ‘too soft’ on drunken yobs

A MAN has hit out at police for failing to curb the behaviour of antisocial teenagers near a Lodge Park underpass and claims the town is becoming rougher than Birmingham.

The man, who does not want to be named, said incidents so far in the area, near Southcrest Road, included windows being smashed, cars dented and intimidating drunken behaviour.

On Thursday, August 23, the resident found his car, which was due to be sold the next day, had been kicked, causing £350 damage.

The police were called as the teenagers were still around 30 minutes after the damage was done but no officers arrived for an hour.

More damage was done to a neighbour's car by the same gang of about 20 drunk youths and the following week a brick was put through the window of a disabled resident's home.

On one occasion when the youths were drunk and causing a nuisance, the man claims the police just moved them on.

He said: "It's completely unacceptable. They should be arrested and made to pay damages and expenses.

"I moved from Birmingham some years ago as it was getting rough but Redditch is now far worse and these kids seem to be able to get away with it because police are too soft."

Local policing officer Pc Carrie Barnes said: "Recently, we've received several calls from Southcrest Road residents about antisocial behaviour and criminal damage to cars.

"We're stepping up patrols and officers have spoken to youths. Their details have been recorded and they've been given advice about their behaviour.

"Other options open to us include sending letters to parents and if the problems continue, ultimately we can consider Antisocial Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) or a Section 30 dispersal order.

"We must stress at this stage there is no evidence that the youths who have been identified are responsible for the damage "We take antisocial behaviour extremely seriously. We understand residents' concerns and are listening to them.

"As always, we ask parents to make sure they know where their teenagers are, who they're with and what they're up to."

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