Friday, 14 September 2007

WIMBLEDON: Police operation targets bus crime

Police operation targets bus crime
Police will be on buses during the first two weeks of term
Police will be on buses during the first two weeks of term

Police have launched an intensive two-week operation to deter youth antisocial behaviour on buses, coinciding with the start of the school year.

Officers from the Met's Transport Operational Command Unit (TOCU) will be out on London buses as part of the initiative, named Goldfinger 2.

They will also target other crimes, including theft, robbery and criminal damage.

Extra police and Traffic Police Community Support Officers, funded by TfL, will be deployed during daytime and early evenings across the bus network in 20 boroughs, including Croydon, Kingston, Hounslow and Lambeth.

Revenue Protection Officers are also carrying out inspections to check for fare evasion, issuing penalty fares and notices of potential prosecution on the spot.

The TOCU has 1300 staff committed to fighting crime on bus routes and works in partnership with Transport for London with whom it has a special service agreement.

Superintendent David Wildboreof the TOCU said: "Antisocial behaviour creates an intimidating atmosphere for passengers and increases the fear of crime.

"Operation Goldfinger 2 is about continuing to reduce this antisocial behaviour and increasing public safety and confidence."

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