Saturday, 15 September 2007

BELFAST: Church plagued by rooftop yobs

Church plagued by rooftop yobs

A BELEAGUERED church minister yesterday hit out at the young vandals who are throwing slates and smashing windows on his parish premises.

The Rev Charles McCartney from St Donard's in east Belfast said that sometimes the children also intimidate parishioners during his services.

Mr McCartney said when he phoned police in the evenings their response was slow, and co-ordinated by call handlers in the south of the city.

And when he showed officers photographs of young intruders as evidence, their first reaction was to express discomfort that he had taken pictures of children.

But police conceded last night that photographs taken by victims of crime could sometimes be used as evidence of crime, even when they showed young people.

Lord Mayor of Belfast Jim Rodgers said: "I want categoric assurance that the police will act on this situation."
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