Friday, 14 September 2007

ILMINSTER: 'Invisible' police claim rejected

'Invisible' police claim rejected

PC Louise Wright
PC Louise Wright

SUGGESTIONS that Ilminster's new police community support officers are rarely seen were strongly rejected this week.

The town now has four PCSOs but at last week's Ilminster Town Council meeting, Cllr Gordon Childs questioned when they were around the town.

He said: "Are they around at night-time when everybody has gone to bed? I see them shopping and going round in their car but not on foot."

Cllr Richard Beardon also said he had not seen PCSOs out on patrol in Ilminster.

But Cllrs Nicci Court and Kim Turner said they had both seen PCSOs out engaging with the community, and Cllr Turner said: "I think they are doing an excellent job."

After the meeting, Ilminster's beat manager PC Wright said there had only been seven reported crimes in Ilminster in August, and only one reported instance of criminal damage in the past two months.

She said: "Bearing in mind this was during the school summer holidays I am really encouraged by this.

"This is undoubtedly due to the increased presence of my neighbourhood teams of PCSOs and the excellent work they are doing in relation to increased visibility and tackling antisocial behaviour."

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