Friday, 14 September 2007

SOMERSET: Youths made to tidy up their mess

Youths made to tidy up their mess

A group of youths were ordered to clean up after themselves after making a mess in Staplegrove last Sunday.

Police were called to Staplegrove Road at 10.40pm on Sunday evening following calls from members of the public reporting youths vandalising the boarded up Mollie's Café.

There were also reported to have been throwing rubbish and bottles into the road.

A local resident told the Gazette acts of "mindless violence" were not uncommon in the area.

"There has been serious antisocial behaviour for about the last month.

"It is getting beyond a joke - people are getting nervous.

"It is like a Western - they get drunk and then it all breaks lose."

A police spokesman said the youths - who had been drinking - were not charged with causing vandalism, but made to pay for their behaviour by cleaning up.

"We attended and spoke to a number of youths and then supervised while they cleaned up."

They had finished by 11.30pm

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