Friday, 14 September 2007

PENDLE: Parents blamed for yob plague

Parents blamed for yob plague

ANTI-SOCIAL behaviour problems among Earby's youngsters refuse to go away - and the town's community beat manager blames parents for not taking enough responsibility for their children.

Community Beat Manager PC Carl Nevison told Earby Parish Council that August had been a steady month in the town, with crime figures down on this time last year. But the police's priorties remain with juveniles.

Police staff shortages will be alleviated at the end of September with the arrival of a new police community support officer. But until then PC Nevison continues to monitor the situation.

Parish councillor Paul Christodoulou raised the "large amount of vandalism" caused by youngsters building dens and starting fires in the Anne's Wood area of Earby, owned by the Woodland Trust.

He said: "Some of the trees there have been damaged beyond repair, and the entire planting process will have to start again. It's dangerous for dog-walkers and their animals and it doesn't seem to be improving."

Coun. Chris Tennant recalled spending a week with other volunteers planting the trees last November. He added: "It's such a shame in what will eventually be a fantastic piece of woodland."

PC Nevison said: "The local bobbies are aware of Anne's Wood, and I've put a
message on the computer system for all Pennine officers to pay special attention to the area if they attend Earby."

One resident reported a serious issue last month when he found a small group of boys committing indecent acts in the area with adult magazines.

PC Nevison assured councillors this area was also monitored regularly and said: "This area came up at the last PACT meeting.

"I've been going down there at different times of the day during the holidays, getting names and visiting parents. I wish sometimes parents could take more responsibility for their own children.

"I believe the biggest problem is parents not knowing where their children are and what they're doing."

Parish councillors decided to write to Acting Chief Insp. John Puttock asking for full staffing at Earby Police Station. They will write to the Woodland Trust about continuing problems at Anne's Wood.

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